Tasks and Goals

“At home in the world – a home for scientists”

Under the motto “At home in the world – a home for scientists” guest houses and IBZ’s in Germany founded a union to promote their houses on national and international ground as well as to promote the concept IBZ itself. To achieve this goal, it is necessary that similarities and differences of the respective houses are pointed out and that the offers of the houses are brought into focus.

The vast majority of guesthouses are part of the university campus and are very important in the increasingly stronger internationalization of universities. Since their foundation, the guest houses are not only homes but also offer an extensive range of support services for researchers and guests of the university. In addition to this tasks, the houses become a platform for the exchange between their guests and hosts.

The houses offer a diverse community life with cultural and scientific activities as well as attractive leisure facilities. This can vary by regional peculiarities as well as certain specialization in the respective houses. The diversity offers tremendous benefits in the marketability of the houses and in comparison to other alternative residential services on the respective regional markets.

The guest houses offer a vast network of locations nationwide and are usually represented in all major university regions. They also offer a myriad of activities for children of scientists and promote the international exchange already in childhood.

The guesthouses and IBZs are a platform for networking and communication among the residents. Therefore, they provide appropriate facilities and offer events carrying this task. The orientation in the houses should be clearly organized, functional and also bilingual. All houses are designed to provide quick access to the Internet and offer comprehensive information about their city.