Establishment of the successful concept IBZ in the 1960’s

Since the 1960’s, international meeting centers (IBZ) and academic guest houses specifically designed for international scientists came into existence on the initiative of the Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation. In our IBZ houses guest researchers and their families are offered pleasant living quarters. This often also includes facilities for common use and day to day support for the duration of the stay.

Our teams also organize many scientific and cultural events, on the one hand encouraging personal contact between German and foreign colleagues and on the other helping to facilitate the professional and social communication as well as the integration into everyday German life.

“At home in the world and for scientists from all parts of the world”

“Arriving from abroad in Germany, guests are often confronted with quite tangible, practical problems. (…) Already early in the sixties, the AvH made it a goal to remedy this situation. Guided by the insight that the success of a research stay in the Federal Republic is not solely based on the progress of scientific work, experience has shown that the overall

conditions for the foreign researchers are of eminent significance and influence for as well productivity and creativity. Experience shows that the general social impressions gathered in Germany are significantly shaped by the housing conditions. (…)“

– Heinrich Pfeiffer, former Managing Director of the Humboldt Foundation Board

Unity is strength –   establishing a bond in Potsdam 2010

International academic exchange is both fuel and necessary condition for prosperity in a globalized society: Thus for our scientific guests, our IBZs and university-related guest houses are the entrance gate to their respective research campus, their home and a place for study and retreat. Many of our houses have existed for many decades and been successfully assisting the colleges and universities in Germany with accommodating and supporting their scientific guests.

In order to strengthen the aspect of joint work and to bring the success story of the guest houses to public awareness, we founded an association in 2010. By this the concept “IBZ” should be strengthened and popularized both nationally and internationally. At our annual meetings, representatives of our currently 25 association members are discussing topics like housing, programming and enhancing convenience, to improve the service for our international guests.

Our guest houses

Location of our IBZs and guest houses


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